Healing Household 6

Mil Resource Radio with Hosts Linda Kreter and Les Davis presents:

Healing Household 6

Lisa Colella
Lisa Colella is founder and CEO of Healing Household 6, a non-profit organization supporting caregivers, spouses, and partners of veterans, often with domestic violence, intimate partner violence and other emergency situations. A caregiver herself, Lisa understands the many stressors in a transitioned household and advocates for those caring for veterans with PTSD, TBI and other conditions.

Peer support is very important to healing a family in turmoil and easing trauma may require medical, legal, and financial support. There is also documented research on the link between caregiving and intimate partner violence, as the sharp shift in family roles and dependency may throw normal communication aside. HH6 assists with coping skills, caregiver packages, advocacy outreach and serves all caregivers of any era conflict.

Healing Household 6 (HH6) works closely with strong partner organizations and has a network of supportive partners since teamwork is often essential to positive family resolution. Learn more at www.HealingHousehold6.org.

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