QPR Institute: Veteran Suicide is NOT Inevitable

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QPR Institute: Veteran Suicide is NOT Inevitable

Cristin Orr Shiffer
Dr. Paul Quinnett is a clinical psychologist, veteran, and CEO of the QPR Institute, an educational organization dedicated to suicide prevention education and awareness. Training in seven countries, the institute’s more than 6,000 active Certified QPR instructors have trained over 2 million lay and professional people in how to prevent suicide. John Osborn, MD is a VA physician working closely with Paul to educate and inform families about suicide prevention.

Paul served in the US Army Security Agency in Asia (now NSA). Much of his work in suicide prevention is based on his military training in surveillance, signal detection, intelligence gathering, threat assessment and analysis of human behavior. Learn more about QPR: Question, Persuade, Refer and how talking about suicide helps prevents suicide. Learn more at www.QPRInstitute.com.

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