Military Spouse Behavioral Health Clinicians (MSBHC)

Mil Resource Radio and Hosts Linda Kreter and Les Davis presents:

Military Spouse Behavioral Health Clinicians (MSBHC)

Cristin Orr Shiffer
Military Spouse Behavioral Health Clinician’s Founder, Ingrid Herrera-Yee, PhD shares the many unique advantages this group of united behavioral health clinicians bring to assisting military families. Like our nation, the military community struggles with issues of depression, anxiety, risky behaviors, and suicide prevention. MSBHC supports both clinicians with licensure, referrals and peers, and military family members — understanding the military culture gives them a step up.

With a shortage of behavioral health practitioners, and a nationwide mental health crisis, it makes sense to utilize this vital group fully, and we encourage both DoD and VA to prioritize hiring and contracting with these practitioners for the special attributes MSBHC contribute.

Military Spouse Behavioral Health Clinicians is a timely and necessary non-profit operating to support military and veteran families, and to help bridge the military/civilian divide in our communities. For more information or to donate to this worthy organization, please go to

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