Financial Fitness for Military & Veteran Caregivers

MilResource Radio with Linda Kreter and co-host Tosombra Kimes presents:

Financial Fitness for Military & Veteran Caregivers

Allan Krumholz
Guest Jessica Allen, AFC is both a skilled accredited financial counselor and veteran caregiver who has just published her new ebook, “Financial Fitness for Military and Veteran Caregivers”. As those who have walked this family caregiver path receiving that first call about a combat injury – you are thrust into this role and the military medical system abruptly. Enormous financial decisions affect your lives today – and in the future.

Caregiving comes in distinct phases, and we break down our discussion accordingly. From the early days of hospitalization and survival, to treatment options, where to relocate, and how to plan for retirement, Jessica provides practical guidance, questions to ponder, and possible financial/life choices. Much of this financial advice will suit non-caregivers too, and money is an emotional topic for many. Learn from this amazing resource just how many choices you actually have, and be informed with this new book:

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