A Focus on Women Veterans

MilResource Radio and Linda Kreter with co-host Tosombra Kimes presents::

A Focus on Women Veterans

Kayla Williams
Guest and combat veteran Kayla Williams is the Director of the Women Veterans Center and an avid advocate for of this growing cohort of the veteran population (10.5% by 2020). Recognition and representation in key leadership positions creates progress we applaud.

Through the Women’s Veteran Center, Kayla shares the new and enhanced programs tailored particularly for women veterans: mental health, employment, education, comprehensive women’s care and wellness initiatives, IPV, community awareness, MST, homelessness, lesser known benefits, partnership outreach, and a positive shift within the internal VA culture. For more information: www.va.gov/womenvet for programs.

Click here to download the show http://bit.ly/MRR-VA-CtrWomenVeterans, or click below to listen live. Also on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and other outlets. Air date 21Dec2017.

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