Warrior to Patriot Citizen – Genius Transition Discussion

Mil Resource Radio with Linda Kreter presents:

Warrior to Patriot Citizen – Genius Transition Discussion

Donna Hoffmeyer
Guest and author Donna Hoffmeyer, is a clinical case manager – and an expert on the challenges of transition. Donna works closely with National Guard and Reserve and has great perspective on the abrupt changes to absorb when it’s time to transition. She gives timely perspective on “Everyone’s an Asset” until they’re not, the loss often felt, and the culture variances among different service branches.

Here’s how to untangle and move forward – as a family. Find her book here: http://bit.ly/WarriorPatriotCitizen, and more information at www.WarriorToPatriotCitizen.com.

Download the podcast here http://bit.ly/MRR-GeniusTransitionHelp, or listen live below. Also available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and other outlets.  Air date: 21Nov2018.

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