Agent Orange: Effects Then and Now “In Thy Mother’s Honor”

Mil Resource Radio with Linda Kreter presents:

Agent Orange: Effects Then and Now
“In Thy Mother’s Honor”

USMC Corporal John
Guest USMC Corporal John, served three back-to-back tours in Vietnam, frequently exposed to Agent Orange. His personal drive was to serve alongside his battle buddies – even if only one still survives today.

His resultant communications, anger, frustration, and worsening health issues with Agent Orange over time are not surprising, and this story is an important one. From a young man returning to America at a difficult time to sharing guidance for today’s vets and families with health and transition issues, John has wisdom to spare.

John’s wife and children only found out his experiences once his book “In Thy Mother’s Honor” was published. His wife spent many nights locked in a closet. He continues “extreme PTSD therapy” today. You will be moved by the incredible story behind the title. Listen to John’s courage, strength, tenacity, and desire to continue to serve.

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