The Diagnostic Odyssey of Autism: Pieces of the Puzzle

Mil Resource Radio with Linda Kreter and co-host Justin Constantine presents:

The Diagnostic Odyssey of Autism: Pieces of the Puzzle

Guest, educator, and speaker to EFMP and special needs families, Scott Fowler, M.Ed has an extensive background in educating the public, law enforcement, and educational institutions in better understanding those on the autism spectrum from the early diagnostic odyssey to youth and young adult employment.  He is also the father of a child on the spectrum.

In the military community, knowledge is vital to gaining testing, information, and ultimately a diagnosis for your child. Given an early diagnosis and early interventions, many children on the spectrum are able to lead rich, productive lives and their parents and community are able to support this enrichment.  For more information about the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP), please go here
We often fear what we don’t know — never assume that child’s meltdown is a temper tantrum.  You may be seeing the sensory overload of a special needs child who needs your understanding. Their parents welcome your support and compassion.

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