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Lutz Live To Tell Foundation

Janine Lutz
Gold Star Mom and Lutz Live to Tell Foundation founder Janine Lutz lost her USMC son, LCpl Janos “Johhny” Lutz to severe depression and suicide by prescription drugs. She closely observed the missing link of intense training for deployment — and the insufficient “un-training” upon return, with the insidious PTSD, TBI, and depression of her son and many others.

Janine channeled her grief and passion to change the status quo into building a remarkable community of connected veteran buddies, and suicide prevention. She created a turnkey program for other cities to improve knowledge and compassion by law enforcement and first responders with training for a de-escalating response that saves lives. Cities in Florida and Massachusetts use this model and the goal is for other cities to replicate these programs – just by contacting her or the organization for more information. She is also a proponent for medical marijuana and advocates for alternatives to the prescribed multiple drugs that took her son’s life.

The Lutz Live to Tell Foundation is a model to duplicate and operate across our nation. For more information or to donate to this worthy organization, please go to

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