Why We Need Veterans Involved in Voting & Elected Office

Mil Resource Radio with Linda Kreter and co-host Jason McNamara presents:

Why We Need Veterans Involved in Voting & Elected Office

Why We Need Veterans Involved in Voting & Elected Office

Bob Carey is Director of Military and Veteran Engagement at the RNC and actively involved in encouraging full participation in our elective process to service members and families.  Jennifer Korn is Deputy Political Director for Strategic Initiatives at the RNC, is a military spouse and served in the Bush 43 White House as Director of Hispanic & Women’s Affairs.

Bob is US Navy (ret) and was previously Strategic Advisor to the commander of US Naval Forces Central Command among many high level positions.  He was instrumental in implementing the DoD-directed Federal Voting Assistance Program, charged with increasing service member access to voter registration and federal voting whether deployed, abroad, or remote.

With his expertise today and after bringing commercial techniques to government agencies, Bob is working with veterans and service members to interest them in politics and elected office to help change policy and to forward the skills of the military into the legislative realm.  Though Jennifer & Bob’s current positions are with the GOP, this is a non-partisan show to vividly illustrate that by engaging our veterans into the legislative and elective process – the needs of our military and sound decisions will be made in the future. 

Organizations for more information:  Federal Voting Assistance Program (voter registration), Republican Leadership Initiative (a political bootcamp program), Veterans Campaign, (non-partisan programs for political candidates & staff), Truman Project (liberal non-partisan training programs), and Concerned Veterans of America (conservative non-partisan training).

Download the podcast here http://bit.ly/MRR-VetsInOffice, or Listen Live by clicking below. Also available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and other outlets.  Air date, 08Apr2018.

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