Intimate Partner Violence – Context is Essential

Mil Resource Radio with Linda Kreter and co-host Jason McNamara presents:

Intimate Partner Violence – Context is Essential

Intimate Partner Violence - Context is Essential

Glenna Tinney is a retired U.S. Navy Captain and consultant and SME in violence against women, on multiple boards, and previously the Military/Veteran staff member of the Battered Women’s Justice Project.  She regularly speaks, writes, and presents on the complexities of Intimate Partner Violence in the military community.

Lynn Anderson is Supervisory Social Worker Polytrauma, Education Coordinator and the DV/IPV Coordinator at McGuire VA Medical Center in Richmond, VA. This broad position provides access to IPV education, prevention, and resolution and/or treatment of IPV.

Relationships are complex, and the military has its own culture and code that often demands less privacy than in the civilian world.  The commonality with civilians is matched with under-reporting, context of the situation, and interpreting the causal factors when IPV occurs.  These experts share a significant overview and discussion of Intimate Partner Violence and the options for safety, treatment, and resolution.

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