#HiddenHeroes and the Elizabeth Dole Foundation:   The Vital Importance of Military Caregivers

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#HiddenHeroes and the Elizabeth Dole Foundation:  The Vital Importance of Military Caregivers

#HiddenHeroes and the Elizabeth Dole Foundation:   The Vital Importance of Military Caregivers

Steve Schwab is the Executive Director of the Elizabeth Dole Foundation, and passionate — and strategic — about making the organization high impact and high visibility.  The latest initiative, led by Senator Elizabeth Dole is called Hidden Heroes, and amplifies the previous efforts of the Dole Foundation to solidify their research, legislative, and nationwide efforts to recognize and support the military and veteran caregivers of our nations wounded, ill, and injured.

Laurel Rodewald is Programs Director at the Elizabeth Dole Foundation and instrumental in guiding grants and projects that forward the growing needs of caregivers of all eras.  The Hidden Heroes initiative has high-level commitment from illustrious leaders in their fields:  Tom Hanks, Matt Lauer, and Tom Brokaw.  Central to the Foundation are the Dole Fellows, selected annually from each state and Puerto Rico who act as ambassadors and community change agents.

Learn about the vital importance of the 5.5 million military and veteran caregivers from every conflict in our communities, the National Caregiver Registry, and the #HiddenHeroes Cities Project. Find more information at www.HiddenHeroes.org and www.ElizabethDoleFoundation.org. Plan on coming away from the show inspired to help.

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