Burn Pits: The Facts & the Future

MilResource Radio with Hosts Linda Kreter and Les Davis Facilitate Today’s Round Table Discussion:

Burn Pits: The Facts & the Future

Lauren Ben Jessey

Our three experts: Navy veteran Lauren Price, CEO of Veteran Warriors, Ben Krause, attorney and investigative reporter, and veteran Jessey Baca join our round table discussion today. Burn Pits refers to the open-air burning of plastics, medical waste, human waste, batteries, and trash, often fueled by JP8 (jet fuel) – creating noxious fumes breathed by tens of thousands of our troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Burn pits, existing at nearly every FOB and studied at larger ones, appear to increase respiratory illness and deleterious quality of life among those deployed – and their families.

Precautions were few and medical cases rose in 2008. There is a VA Burn Pit Registry and examinations may be made, but like generations before them, information is not routinely included in medical records and some conditions are terminal. Quickly. Learn more about Burn Pits, legislation needed, teratogenic effects (birth defects in children), confirmed dioxin exposure, and please share this information with those who may not connect their service to these conditions.

An important documentary “Delay, Deny, Hope You Die” with information found at www.Tugg.com. More also at www.VeteranWarriorsAdvocacy.com, www.DisabledVeterans.org, and https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/iraq-war-vet-lived-see-birth-burn-pit-registry-ill-n147801. Talk to your local VA Environmental Health Coordinator or call 877-222-8387 to learn more about the VA Burn Pit Registry.

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