Vets4Warriors 24/7 Confidential Peer Helpline

MilResource Radio with Hosts Linda Kreter and Les Davis presents:

Vets4Warriors 24/7 Confidential Peer Helpline        855-838-8825

Mark and Lloyd

Vets4Warriors is a 24/7, confidential, peer helpline with unique differences that provide unparalleled support to active military, Guard, Reserve, veterans – and their family members. Led by General Mark Graham (ret) with Supervisor Lloyd Deans, learn how Vets4Warriors makes a difference every day.

What are the most frequent issues they hear? Isolation, PTSD and TBI issues, financial concerns, and anxiety. You are not alone, and don’t wait until a crisis before calling. You’re encouraged to call to talk about resources, benefits, financials, emotional health – because sometimes we need someone to simply listen. Vets4Warriors answers the phone live, (no phone tree and waiting), it’s confidential (you need not give your name), they will follow up with you if you wish, and they serve all eras. Best of all, Vets4Warriors has a vast resource network and they work with Ambassadors to continually add to these local resources.

Find out more at their new website,, and you may also text, email, and live chat and call 855-838-8255. Please also contact if you’d like to be a partner organization as they proactively engage with employers and schools/colleges to share this valuable resource. Donations are warmly welcomed to hire more veterans to respond to their fellow families.

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24/7 Outreach for Military Family Support

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