Equine Therapy & More at Restoration Ranch

MilResource Radio with Hosts Linda Kreter and Les Davis presents:

Equine Therapy & More at Restoration Ranch

Equine Therapy

Executive Director Beth Rand, and Equine Partnership Director Derek Knapp (former Army Ranger) share the growing reality of a veteran family place of camaraderie, respite, and healing at Restoration Ranch. This 22-acre ranch in Bastrop, Texas is home to rescue horses, superb equine assisted therapy, and more as they evolve to suit the needs of veterans – and their families.

Restoration Ranch supports all veterans and their families, and have collaborative partnerships with a growing number of organizations who not only provide equine therapy and healing to mentors helping serve others, including foster children and disabled youth. The future holds creating an infrastructure where veterans can learn skills and utilize their GI Bill, creating promising opportunities.

Learn more at www.RestorationRanch.org, and connect on social media and the organization through direct contact. This organization goes above and beyond, and would love to “plant” ranches throughout the country, and your donations are warmly welcomed.

Click here to download the show http://bit.ly/MRR-RestorationRanch, or listen live below. Also on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher. Air date, 21Jan2018.

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