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Code of Support Foundation

Kristy Kaufmann
Today we shine the spotlight on Code of Support Foundation with co-founder and executive director, Kristy Kaufmann. Code of Support supports all veterans with an integrated effort to identify, assess, and evaluate the needs expressed by the veteran or the family. Kristy began her work in this space when the strain of multiple deployments became so obvious she had to do more and started a deeper discussion among military leadership and the Hill to understand the startling cracks emerging for military families.

Code of Support Foundation’s efforts are broad, but focus on financial education and support in all 50 states, emphasis on lagging mental health issues, and family members’ acquisition of stress with secondary PTS and life adjustments. Their newest effort is a resource navigation platform, PATRIOTLink with strongly vetted non-profits with verified success criteria (, piloted and shared with thousands of providers with more to come.

Found out more at, and use the contact inquiry form for specific help. Their work is holistic and thorough; your donations are welcomed to increase the reach of their work.

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